Natural Deodorants do they really work?

Swapping out my name branded deodorant was always going to be hard, after all I’d had a love affair with my fave for years. My faithful had been with me through all of those stressful and exciting moments in my life, all of those shopping expeditions, those long trips and the hot summer nights . This was going to be no easy fete.

I’d only heard a lot of negativity when it came to natural deodorants so I was always going to be apprehensive. It was only after reading about switching from aluminium laden solutions to chemical free that I understood where the negative comments were stemming from. It’s been scientifically proven that when you stop using a chemical deodorant, your body has a significant increase in a growth of odor causing bacteria under your arm pits. This is a natural response as if going through a detox stage. Most people wont notice any changes when switching to a natural product as the aluminum compounds in antiperspirant form a gel-like plug and constrict your pores in the underarm.  This prevents you from sweating and getting wet. After a few weeks the culture of bacteria will begin to normalize and the odor will start to decrease. Most people don’t wait this long after trialing a new deodorant and assume they don’t work. The latest reports are that deodorant with aluminium have been linked to breast cancer. What better time to make the switch?

My top picks are Megababe Rosy Pits rrp $18, and my fave Australian made from A Bit Hippy – Natural Cream Deodorant which is made with Milk of Magnesia and Essential Oils for the freshest of scents. RRP $7.50, No pong all natural deodorant lives up to it’s name and is great for sensitive skin rrp $8.95. Next up is a long time fave of mine MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant made with natural ingredients and a lovely lemon myrtle scent rrp.$8.50.

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