To Diet or Not To Diet?

I think the word diet is misused a lot of the time. When I think of or hear of someone on a diet I assume ‘weight loss’ is the main objective. When my health deteriorated I also decided to go on a diet, or should I say a change of diet? I thought I ate pretty well with everything in moderation. My blood tests showed graves disease, high cholesterol, low iron levels just to name a few! How can I have high cholesterol weighing 52 kilos?

My usual week consisted of something like this;

BREAKFAST – Boxed cereal or toast

LUNCH – Salad sandwich

AFTERNOON – Cappuccino

DINNER – Meat and vegetables

Dessert – Dark chocolate, chips or lollies (twice a week)

After meeting with my doctor we agreed to try a clean approach to eating. I did a lot of research and trialed a lot of different food combinations to combat the Graves disease I was fighting. I kept a food diary keeping notes of my tolerance and energy levels from day to day, keeping careful watch on my weight. My objective was to consume a load of antioxidants, foods high in vitamin d, calcium, magnesium, selenium and lots of legumes. I reduced meat and animals products, iodine and all processed food. Did I mention NO ALCOHOL and coffee was on the limited list too. My daily diet looked something like this;

MORNING – Glass of water

BREAKFAST – Oats with almond milk and banana

Mid Morning – 2 Brazil Nuts, water

Lunch – Crunchy spinach salad with roasted pumpkin, walnuts, organic honey dressing, spinkled with linseeds

Afternoon – Berry smoothie

Dinner – Lentil stew, water

Dessert – Pot of tea, strawberries

I stuck to this way of eating and not only felt better but my blood tests improved all round. Over the coming weeks I will post recipes and smoothie combinations that worked wonders for me.

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