Welcome to Grounded, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content.   I’m on a never ending search to try new concoctions, products and remedies as close to nature as possible.

My interest in a healthy lifestyle came to light in December 2016 when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an auto-immune disorder.  I had been silently suffering for years without realizing I was chronically ill.  I just got used to feeling strange and accepted that as ‘my normal’.  After having a thyroid storm, the doctors put me on synthetic tablets and heart medication.  I knew to heal my body the best way was to get back to nature completely and this is where my ‘Grounded’ journey began.

Everything thing I post on this site is from personal experience, we are all different and our response to anything differs from person to person.  I hope that by sharing my story I can bring awareness and encourage a healthier way of living.

Let’s journey together to find the most effective ways nature can help us live a physically happy and flourishing life.

Jodi 🙂